How To Get Out Of Jail When Turning Yourself In

Posted on: 28 May 2019

If you find out there is a warrant for your arrest, you have options. One option is to run and hide to avoid getting put in jail; however, this is not a good option to choose, as it will only lead to more criminal charges. The other option is to turn yourself in at your local jail. This is the better option, and there are several things you should know if you decide to do this.

Find Out the Details of the Charges

Before you do anything else, you may want to call the jail to find out if there really is a warrant for your arrest. If so, you should ask what it is for, what the bail amount is, and any other questions you may have. You will need to know these things before you can create a plan of how you will get out of jail, and the best way to find out the details is by contacting the jail.

Talk to a Criminal Lawyer Before You Go

After hearing the details from the jail, you should consider visiting a criminal defense lawyer in your area. Visiting a lawyer is a good idea because the lawyer will know what advice to give you. This advice will depend on your criminal record, the charges you are facing, and the evidence in the case. The lawyer can also help you learn more about the bail bond process if you are interested in learning, and the lawyer can even be there with you when you turn yourself in. Additionally, hiring a lawyer now will help you have representation at your arraignment hearing, which will likely occur within a couple of days after your arrest.

Bring Cash or Hire a Bail Bondsman

When you are ready to turn yourself in, there are two ways you can get out of jail very quickly. The first is by bringing cash with you for the bond. If you do this, you can pay the jailer when you get there. While you must still get booked into the jail, you will instantly get released after the booking process is complete.

The other option is to go through a 24-hour bail bondsman. This is a great choice if you need to borrow money to get out of jail, no matter what time of day or night it is. If you plan this ahead of time, the bail bond agent can begin working on your case right away, and you should be able to get out of jail shortly after begin booked.

When you find out there is a warrant for your arrest, you will have some time to prepare for how you will handle this. Once you take care of these things, you can turn yourself in at the jail. If you need help, contact a bail bondsman in your city.