What Happens If You Flee After Getting Out Of Jail On A Bail Bond?

Posted on: 19 February 2021

If you pay bail money to get out of jail, you cannot skip town without facing the consequences. Paying bail is something courts allow to help people continue living their lives while facing criminal charges, and you can pay it with cash or through a bail bond agent. The downside to paying bail for a pre-trial release is that you can face additional legal problems if you do not follow through with your court case.

How the Court Views Fleeing While Out on Bail

After paying your bail money, you must agree to attend your court hearings. If you do not attend these, the court will assume you skipped bail. They might also call this jumping bail or fleeing bail. Courts do not view this favorably. In fact, courts take this issue very seriously by imposing consequences on defendants who fail to show up to hearings. If you get out on bail, you should keep this in mind if you are considering leaving town.

What Courts Do When Defendants Skip Bail

The court will find out that a person skipped bail when the person's court date arrives. The court will call the person's name when they are ready for that particular case. If the person is not there, the court will assume they skipped out on bail. At this point, the court might give the person a few days to show up to court. If the person once again fails to come, the court will issue a warrant.

What Bail Bond Agents Do When This Occurs

When the court issues a warrant, the bail bond agent that helped the defendant will start looking for the person. Bail bond agents have the legal right to arrest people and bring them back to jail. Not only will the person end up back in jail, but this person will also owe a lot of money. They will have to repay the bail bond agent the full cost of the bail. They will also need a lawyer, which costs money, and they might have additional court fees for skipping out on bail.

Are you getting out of jail on bail? If so, find out the rules from the court and bail bond agent before you make any decisions. Skipping bail is not a good idea, as it will result in more legal issues. Contact a local bail bond agent if you have any questions.