Ask These 3 Questions Before Hiring A Bail Bonds Agency

Posted on: 1 June 2022

Not everyone gets awarded bail, but getting bail isn't a guarantee of freedom. You will need to raise the bail amount fast. Unfortunately, most people don't have a fast means to raise enough cash for their bail, so you might need to hire a bail bonds company. Since different agencies work differently, ask these three questions to hire a reliable bail bonds agency.

How Fast Are Your Services?

You don't anticipate getting arrested. Therefore, it can be a frustrating and overwhelming encounter. So, you need a fast solution out of jail. However, bail bond agents have limited control over when a detained person can be released. Nonetheless, you should hire an agency that can act fast and process the paperwork quickly. 

After asking this question, a reliable bail bondsman will explain their process to help their clients out of jail, but there are mostly no guarantees. Understanding the bail process beforehand is essential to keep you calm after an arrest. A reliable bail bond agent can experience the process clearly and concisely. They should explain what happens from the arrest to when they get you out until the end of your case.

What Percentage Do You Charge?

Different agencies charge different prices. While the standard charge is 10% to 15%, the charges depend on the state within which the agency operates and the agency. Some agencies charge higher, while some charge a flat fee. Inquire about their costs and other fees.

Besides the 10% to 15% charge, an agency might need you to submit some assets documentation as collateral, promissory note, and indemnity agreement. The two documents make it easy for a bail bondsman to ensure you appear in court on the scheduled day. Always choose a company whose charges are within the industry standards. 

Is Your Bail Bonds Agency Regulated and Licensed?

Most states require bond agencies to have licenses. Licensing holds the agency accountable and indicates its knowledge and competence. If they are licensed, inquire about the agency and company. Check their standing with the licensing agency in the state and go through their site to check for reviews or complaints.

Also ask if the agency has previously had its license suspended or restricted. Always choose a highly reliable company. Licensing makes it easy to get a recourse should the contract end prematurely.

Don't Shy From Getting Help

Raising money to cover the entire bail amount can cause financial strain and leave you in debt. So, when the judge awards bail, hire a reliable bail bonds agency by asking the questions above.